Some of the Best Cake Toppers for Weddings

A wedding celebration is regarded as one of the most important and unforgettable events of anyone’s life and the wedding cake are very important place on the occasion. The topping of the wedding cake also plays an extremely significant role. Never before has the groom and bride had a lot of choices for accentuating their wedding cake.

Those who want to make their wedding cake exceptional or looking for something comical, contemporary, ethnic, traditional, or romantics, or a sports theme or customize or a mix and match groom and bride, there’s a wedding cake topper available out there that will suit your taste and preference. All you need to do is to become imaginative and creative in the concept. Some of the best wedding cake toppers to choose from, take account of the following.

Fire Fighter and Nurse Wedding Cake Toppers

Firefighter and Nurse Cake Toppers

If you want to make the most of your wedding cake, you have to consider the Fire Fighter and Nurse Wedding Cake Toppers. This is a customize wedding cake toppers suitable for a groom who is a fire fighter and a nurse. The groom is wearing a fire fighter uniform with a fire fighter hat while bride is wearing a very simple white gown with rose bouquet. Consider this wedding topper to make your wedding cake apart from the rest.

Shrek Wedding Cake Toppers

Shrek Cake Toppers 

Shrek Wedding cake topper is a comprehensively personalized wedding cake topper you can consider. If you or your husband is a fanatic of Shrek why not integrate it to your wedding cake. This will surely bring a smile to your guest as of their remarkable custom. Shrek is wearing a black tux with white t-shirt and tie and vest. To make his look exceptional, he accentuated with hoop earring even if Shrek ears are very diverse to ordinary individual. The bride is wearing a long white gown dress with rose tattoo on her shoulder. Fiona’s left leg is kick back showing her high heels.

Vineyard Wedding Cake Toppers

Vineyard Wedding Cake Toppers

Are you planning to have a vineyard wedding? If yes, why not consider a customize vineyard wedding cake toppers. This is one of the most unique wedding cake toppers you can consider. If you are planning to get married at vineyard for sure you will love the figurines holding hands and standing at the center of the vineyard. The loving husband is wearing gray tux while grasping a glass of wine with grapes. The sexy and alluring bride is wearing simple wedding dress, grasping bouquet of beautiful flower. To make the cake realistic it is accentuated with a bottle of wine on the left side.

Groom Powerlifting Bride Cake Toppers

Groom Powerlifting Bride Cake Toppers

The groom powerlifting bride cake topper is a totally customized cake topper available for everyone, particularly fitness fanatics or fitness gurus who will get married soon. You will surely love the groom in a squat stance with a barbell on the shoulders while the bride is comfortably sitting on the barber that makes him hard to press up. Order now if you want this as your cake toppers.

Riding on Sand ATV Cake Toppers

Riding on Sand ATV Cake Toppers

Love ATV as your past time? Why not consider riding on sand ATV cake toppers on your wedding cake for your upcoming wedding. This incredibly unique and one of a kind wedding cake topper will surely make your wedding celebration more unforgettable. The bride is an ivory wedding gown; half of her hair is up while the groom is wearing a black tuxedo. The groom and bride is setting on the black four wheel ATV’s. The base of the toppers is a sand to make the theme more realistic.

Running On Sand Runner Wedding Cake Topper

Running on Sand Runner Wedding Cake Toppers

Running on Sand Runner wedding cake topper is a completely customized wedding cake topper suitable for those who love outdoor training. The bride is wearing plain running tank and on the chest there is an NBR and wearing a bib with 6-28-12 number and wearing a white skirt holding a bouquet. The groom is wearing a running shirt printed with NBR and wearing a bib with 6-28-12 numbers and black shoes. The base is made of sand to make it more personalized. So, those who want to have an exceptional wedding cake topper must think about this one.

Video Game Cake Toppers

Video Game Cake Topper

This is entirely a personalized wedding cake topper wherein the bride is sitting on sofa while groom is busy playing video game. For Xbox junkie and Tampa Bay Buccaneers enthusiast looking for the best wedding cake topper must consider this one. The bride is wearing a simple wedding dress while sitting on the sofa while the groom is active playing his favorite video game.

US Army Captain Wedding Cake Topper

US Army Captain Wedding Cake Toppers

This is an entirely personalized wedding cake topper for US Army members like you. The US Army Captain Wedding cake topper is based on the idea of two US armies who fell in love with each other and decided to tie their love in the matrimony of the Lord. This is a very fascinating wedding cake topper wherein the bride and groom are wearing a US Army uniform.

Zombie Cake Wedding Toppers

Zombie Wedding Cake Toppers

A comprehensively personalize cake wedding toppers available wherein the groom is holding a gun while the bride is holding a wielding chainsaw this will surely make your wedding cake talk of the town. The cake has zombies which are climbing the cake and the groom and bride is standing end to end to safeguard each other. The groom is holding two guns turned slanting shooting downward while the bride is holding a chainsaw to battle with zombies.

Photographer and Nurse Wedding Cake Topper

Photographer Nurse Cake Toppers

Looking for an exceptional and customized wedding cake topper? Then why not consider the photographer and nurse wedding cake topper. Based on the idea of a nurse and photographer who feel in love each other, this cake topper will really make your wedding cake more personalized aside from the fact that it makes the celebration more exciting.

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